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    Specialized Language & Translation offers a variety of linguistic and localization services: translation, localization and internationalization focused on the Spanish-speaking market, language quality review, and more. Our services are:

      We are specialized in English>Spanish and Spanish>English. Our translations are always performed by a native translator in the target language, in order to ensure we deliver the perfect translation. Then, the draft is reviewed and approved by another specialist and /or a linguist.

      We translate official and non-official documents, technical and general content, literary translation, advertising, websites and software, transcriptions…

      Bridging across languages does not necessarily mean words on a page. This is why we also offer specialized English>Spanish interpretation services in person for business meetings, doctor-patient communications, educational meetings, contract interpretations, etc. Contact us to discuss your specific needs (please check availability in advance).

  • Language Localization

      We understand that localization is a necessary part of a translation, not just an optional add-on. Localization can also refer to cultural and local adaptation of a product or service for a specific country, region, or group.

      On the other hand, a global message may also need Language Internationalization: we offer consultancy to create or adapt content to ensure your message is delivered successfully across local barriers. We are a group of specialized translators, originally from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world, we don’t just translate, but build bridges across languages.

  • Content Writing and Marketing Consultancy

      If you need advice, we have the know-how, the expertise to conquer the Spanish-speaking market (both in the US and global). We cover the general and the specific: marketing and advertising.  You can also count with us for public communications in Spanish.

  • Quality Review and Proof-Reading

      You have a catalog, a manual, a brochure, a restaurant menu, or just a college paper that needs to be published in Spanish… no problem, we do not offer just the translation, but we can create the content and do the formatting too. We will deliver you the final product, ready to be published!


Specialized Language & Translation Quality Standards

1. At Specialized Language & Translation we follow and exceed EN 15038:2006, the highest quality standards for translation services in the industry.
2. Our translators are qualified professionals holding Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in different fields of specialization.
3. Every language service is discussed and reviewed by at least two of us: a specialist in the field and a reviewer (a second opinion from another translator and the manager) in order to ensure quality.
4. We are more than translators: All of us are active and experienced professionals in our fields of knowledge (Education, Marketing, Journalism, Health Care, etc.)